Settling into my XNA Development Environment

Microsoft recently released the XNA toolkit for XBox 360 and PC games development. The supported IDE for this is Visual C# Express.

I am quite picky about my development environment, for instance: I like the Consolas 12pt font; I like 2 tab spaces instead of 4; I like virtual space in the editor; etc. etc.

Visual Studio Express does not give the option to change tab size and virtual space settings so I immediately jumped into regedit and edited the values. Then I thought that maybe I could export my settings from Visual Studio 2005 Professional and import them into Express.

This worked, with the exception of some command bar stuff that isnโ€™t supported in Express. The added bonus was that the Options screen now displays more settings that before:

Options screen before import: #

Options screen after import: #

Very nice. Itโ€™s just a shame that Express doesnโ€™t support plug-ins as I really miss ReSharper.


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