Hiding your privates from StyleCop

I like StyleCop but I didn’t like the fact it produced warnings on private fields and methods. I was wrong. Not wrong in that I didn’t like warnings on privates, but wrong that I thought there was no way to tell it to stop it.

Apparently there is. Jason Allor kindly left a comment saying that it can be configured through the StyleCop settings dialog in Visual Studio.

I took a look and initially didn’t find it. I didn’t find it because I assumed there’d be different rules for public and private entities. But there’s not, you can decide at the rule type level:


It’d be nice to have separate rules for public and private. Currently, I’ve turned off all Documentation rules because I don’t like being warned that I haven’t commented private methods. However, I’d still like it to give me all the other great warnings if I do decide to comment a particular private method.


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