Update to the Code Formatter Plugin

Version of the Code Formatter Plugin is now available.

New in this version:

  1. Enhanced support for Syntax Highlighter 2x
    You can now specify things such as tab size, show ruler, collapse, show toolbar, show line numbers, starting line number, and highlighting specific line numbers.
  2. Configuration screens for the different providers
    You can now add and remove languages and generally configure each provider. You can also edit the files manually – they are called SyntaxHightlighter2xConfiguration.xml and ActiProConfiguration.xml. They are located in the Plugins folder.
  3. Preview window for Syntax Highlighter formatted code.
    This was added because the Preview tab in Windows Live Writer doesn’t include the scripts and styles used in your blog engine’s templates and hence previewing Syntax Highlighted code means it looks plain. Click the Show Preview button to see this window.

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