ReSharper Code Inspection settings in .editorconfig

ReSharper has many code inspections and most of them can have their severity set in R#'s configuration files (.dotSettings). Instead, I wanted to set them in .editorconfig files, so this post is about that as a reference/reminder to myself and for anyone else that lands here via a search engine.

#TL;DR: To turn off specific R# warnings in a certain folder, put an `.editorconfig` file in that folder and use the items specified in [this page](\_\_Code\_Inspections\_CSHARP.html) in it.

For some time I've wanted to disable certain inspections in certain folders. For example, in my DTOs folder (e.g. /src/project/dtos) I don't want ReSharper warning me that auto-property getters are not used:

These are public types and the code only sets the values. After the values have been set, they're shipped off after being serialised.

I generally just put this at the top of each file:

// ReSharper disable UnusedMember.Global

Alternatively, If I have hundreds of them, I put them in a separate project and ignore the code inspection for that entire project.

But today I wanted to do it per-folder. It wasn't immediately obvious how I'd do this. I knew it'd involve a .editorcofig file in my folder, but I couldn't find a way to export just certain R# code inspections settings to this file.

I eventually found a page that listed both the R# inspection name and an EditorConfig property. So, to stop it nagging me about my DTOs, I have this .editorconfig file in my DTOs folder:


Note: if you also use Roslyn code analysers (translates to analyzers for non-English readers :) ), you'll need to turn those off too. You can do that in the same file with:

dotnet_diagnostic.CA1822.severity = none

This turns the code inspection to none, but just for this folder. Which is nice.

It would be great if R# provided the ability to do that automatically, e.g. an entry in the popup menu: 'Configure severity in the closest .editorconfig file`


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